What is a Virtual Speed Dating Event?

It is traditional speed dating in your home from your mobile, tablet or computer - anywhere you would like. Just as with in-person events, you’ll have a Matzoball host to assist you with anything or anyone, be able to privately chat with a new Matzoball dater every 5 minutes and select those whom you would like to meet again. All in an environment suitably you.

How do I reserve my place?

Simply select the city you wish to attend when you purchase online. 24 hours prior to the event, you’ll be sent a confirmation and details for how to attend your virtual speed dating event at the date and time indicated on the event schedule.

Can I attend via a mobile phone, tablet or computer?

Absolutely! Simply ensure the camera and microphone are turned on and working.

Will I be able to chat privately with my prospective ‘Virtual Date’?

Yes. Upon entering the event you will be in our virtual Matzoball lobby where our event host will welcome you. Once daters have arrived in the room, the host will begin placing daters into their own private rooms, two at a time. From there you’ll rotate in and out of a private room, meeting a new dater every 5 minutes.

Will I be on my own or will there be a host there to assist me?

The moment you enter your virtual speed dating event, our host will be there to welcome you and assist you with any questions, concerns or thoughts. You can reach your event host at any time during the event.

What if I meet someone who isn’t being the best version of themselves?

We have a less than zero tolerance for any behavior that is upsetting, hair-raising or troubling. If you experience such behavior from a fellow dater, simply notify the event host. Our host will be available throughout the evening and easily accessible.

How do I choose someone I would be interested in meeting again?

Throughout the evening, simply jot down those whom you would like to exchange emails with. Once the event is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to pass along your choices to the event host.

What if I want to exchange information with a dater at the event and not wait for the match results?

We do discourage asking to exchange information during the event. One of the many advantages of speed dating, is not having the awkwardness of declining such requests. Daters should feel comfortable and relaxed knowing if they wish to meet a dater again, they can choose to do so at their own pace by passing on their selections to the host.

Will I be recorded?

You will absolutely not be recorded. Daters can feel secure in knowing any information or details exchanged are private and at your discretion.



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